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Joeann Fossland - Business Coach, Professional Speaker, Real Estate Trainer

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As the Grateful Dead say, ”What a long, strange trip it’s been…

My mother always told me I didn’t want to be like everybody else and I took that to heart by living a life of experiential exploration. Some of it has been valuable and good, some of it, what could only be termed “learning experiences’ and all of it leading me to who I am today.

I seek the un-ordinary, the opportunities to travel and learn and grow from the exposure to diversity. What’s next? Is a mantra I repeat maybe too quickly sometimes. 

So here’s a brief travelogue of some defining moments of the trip……
·Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1948 on the first day of spring to Clementine Bowen Jones, former Miss Arkansas and Milton Jones, salesman extraordinaire.
· Grew up during that Ozzie and Harriet era in a “normal” environment with one fun-loving younger brother, Andy.

That's me circa 1950

·I loved school and attended small private schools that let me progress as fast as I wanted. I loved to read and loved math. Attended St. Paul’s School for Girls and graduated Valedictorian.
· My mom died when I was 15 after being sick for 10 years. She was my model for free self-expression and the belief I could do and have ANYTHING I really wanted
· Married Richey Yellott, who went away to serve in Vietnam while I attended Johns Hopkins University. Richard Yellott IV was born Dec 1966 and his sister Dawn was born Feb 1969. We lived at Ft. Benning, GA when he returned.
· Moved to Indialtlantic FL and bought a sandal and leather shop on the beach.
·Divorced in 1970. Moved to Atlanta and opened a “head shop/bookstore/crafts store”

Sold the business, bought a 31 ft. school bus with
12 others, headed west, going wherever the 
hitchhikers were headed.

·Settled in Aspen, CO after the bus broke down and went to work for Aspen Leather Company as a seamstress and The Midland Bar as a bartender (perhaps a precursor to coaching!)

Met and married "Cowboy" Heron and we spent 18 months with
Ricky and Dawn living in a tipi on the top of a beautiful ridge
waking up each day to snow-covered Mt. Sopris.

·Began Backporch Feather and Leather, a crafts company specializing in custom leather clothing and feather hatbands and jewelry. 
· Divorced again, did the EST training, moved to Tucson…..

· Fell in love with a Party Chief, Bub Fossland, who had been to Europe, Asia and Cincinnati and we embarked on a 3 month adventure to Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia in 1978

Macchu Picchu and the 20,000+ mountains around it.
· Backporch Feather and Leather grew to employ 28 sub-contactors and had national exposure for it’s wares. I got bored,wanted a new challenge and sold it in 1983.

Married the love of my life, Bub Fossland and got my real estate license in 1983.
·Loved talking on the phone and looking in people’s closets…..did well listing and selling!
·Lured by promises of no nights and weekend work, I went to work for a real estate publication as the local sales manager. Over the next 8 years I learned a lot about sales, marketing, advertising and managing sales offices (and worked a lot of nights and weekends!).
·Continued a  fascination with what makes people successful & happy…..Jumped in with Landmark Education as an Introduction to the Forum Leader and Seminar Director and ran the Tucson workspace coaching the enrollment team.
·In 1988, Bub and I returned to South America..this time to Argentina and the Iguazu Falls 

 Daddy moved out from Baltimore in 1991 and is happily living in a condo nearby!
My great kids, Richard and Dawn both live
in Tucson.
· Traveling with Bub or spending time on our 40 acres in the desert with him are two of my favorite things


And the latest:
I Became a GRANDMA!!!!!

See Lily Isabella Love Yellott,
born October 24, 2001 

I competed in a Triathalon

on Feb 9th 2001 for the American Liver Foundation

And click here> Thanks to EVERYONE who supported me and
here's the link to the event!

In 2002, we took a 4 week trip to Australia!

In 2004, we took a 2 week road trip!

In 2006, I took a trip to Paris!

In 2007, I Became a GRANDMA!!!!!

Welcome Julia Elisabet Yellott

In 2008, I Became a GRANDMA!!!!!

Welcome Ella Pearl Fossland Sellman

In 2009, I Became a GRANDMA!!!!!

Welcome Richard Emory Yellott V

In 2017, I Became a GRANDMA!!!!!

Welcome Mia Ali Yellott!

Am I having fun, or what?????

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