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Our Trip to Paris!

2006 Trip to Paris!

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Ah, Paris in the Spring was everything they say! The city of 8 Million was bustling, beautiful, and bright with lights. The excuse for the trip was my friend Margaret's 50th Birthday and we were joined by 16 of her friends from Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, England and France. Communing with new friends over incredibly beautifully presented meals and fine wine surrounded by Parisian sites and culture was an experience of a lifetime.

  • The Eiffel Tower is BIG and it's lights at night captivating.
  • Versailles is opulently huge and ornate with gardens designed to demonstrate man's dominance over nature and a hall of mirrors that amazes and more gold than I've ever seen.
  • The Louvre would take a month to explore fully but I have touched the Venus de Milo (She is big too!) and walked from left to right and had Mona Lisa's eyes follow me.
  • The Tulleries Gardens in front of the Louvre were blossoming and the mood was magically entrancing

We had a glass of champagne each day with lunch and wonderful chocolate (ordinary chocolate will never be the same) at Angelina's.

  • My favorite museum was a small gem of 16 rooms called the Musée Jacquemart André. Built for wealthy bachelor,Edouard André, in the late 1800's and later lived in with his wife, Nélie Jacquemart, you could picture the parties and a lifestyle devoted to appreciation and collecting of art that must have been extraordinary!
  • The traffic was awful and the cab drivers mad men! The Metro was faster and quite efficient. The walking was the way to go and my, did we walk (probably why I only gained 4 pounds).
  • The boat ride at night on the Seine was the way to see Paris. Ah, the history!
  • The Notre Dame was truly magnificent, especially the stained glass windows.

There's a bit more on the blog and the photos if you are interested...

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