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Joeann's Tuesday Tips
April 26, 2016

Happy Tuesday!

We are enjoying that precious time of the year in Tucson, when we can leave the windows open and aren’t using heating or cooling! I pinch myself each morning when I wake up to the sun coming over the mountains. The quail are mating and I know we are going to see babies soon. The roadrunner is foraging for quail eggs and there’s probably a gila monster out there doing the same thing.

It has be thinking towards having the best summer ever, I am taking off the entire month of July, but we haven’t really decided what we will be doing. Have you made plans for some rest, recovery or adventure for the summer? Now would be a good time to put it on your calendar, if you didn’t do that at the beginning of the year!!!

The tips below are short and sweet!!! Enjoy!


What I've been reading

The blog of Chris Guillebeau is always a thought-provoking read. He is also a genius traveller and has visited every country in the world! Fascinating guy!

In this latest article about anxiety and how to quiet or work through it, he shares part of his daily routine. He says he starts by “ask(ing) myself, “Did today matter?” and answer the question however I want. I find that I intuitively know the answer to the question, and if I feel disappointed in the answer, I try to make changes to increase my odds of a positive answer the next day."

Click here to read the rest…..

Time: 4 minutes

What I have been thinking about

"Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of life."

— Eckhart Tolle

Time: Done!

What I am inspired by:

Ida Keeling, at 100, proves you are only as old as you let yourself feel!

Her great advice includes “Get up and do things , even if you don’t feel like it!"

She has held several track-and-field records since she began racing in her late 60s, and she still has the fastest time for American women ages 95 to 99 in the 60-meter dash: 29.86 seconds.

Time: Video 1.05, article: 5 minutes

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