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Joeann's Tuesday Tips - March 11, 2014


Spring Is Coming!!!!!
Accountability and Fun - Are you Ready To Play?
EVERNOTE TIP For Paperless Taxes!
GoodLife FREE Webinar on Facebook Marketing
Borrowed Wisdom

Spring Is Coming!!!!!

At least, I hope it does before my April Newsletter!!!! Here in southern Arizona, we’ve had a mild winter in contrast to the fierce winter most of the rest of you have endured…. but I KNOW it will come to an end! I was outside planting today in my yard with the certainty that I will be rewarded by production for planting these seeds. I’ll post pictures when my plants are in their glory. Planting seeds and dripping on them always results in a harvest… even if you have to be patient in the meantime!

But, it got me thinking of all the other actions that are appropriate in thinking about spring, and I’ve concocted a list for you!

The spring cleaning ritual results in fresh, renewed energy. After burrowing in for winter, you may be surrounded by clutter! We can all benefit from the yearly ritual of throwing out the old and making space for the new.

I am not just talking about physical space, either. Let's clean out all of your systems. Your databases are your daily working capital and the foundation of your business today and in the future. Do they need some spring cleaning? Your body is the vehicle through which you get things done-does it need some fine tuning? Some of your clientele are the greatest, but I’ll bet you have some who drain energy … who should you let go of?

As a coach, I encourage my clients to work on the attraction principle. What I mean is the ability to attract, like a magnet to you, the people and situations that can grow your business to your desired vision. Though it may sound a bit woo-woo, when you are working in the flow of things — not resisting what's coming at you — you are able to almost effortlessly attract what you have focused on. Often we don’t realize that having the space for this to come in is part of the equation. So a good spring cleaning can free up that space!

The list below contains many areas you may want to take a look at. If you want to take this a step further, here is a 100 point checklist that will help you get your whole life squeaky clean!

The Top 10 Areas to Spring Clean

1. Your Office Files and Folders -- Are your file drawers stuffed with no room for the new stuff? Clean out, throw out or store. Put one to two hours on your calendar each week to tackle this until it is done.

2. Your Databases -- Have you segmented your databases? Your goal is at least three lists: Begin with a short list of the 20% who give you 80% of your referrals on this list. These are the people who are your biggest supporters and with whom you'll form the deepest relationships. Then there are the people you want to stay in touch with less often, but regularly. And finally the "suspects" and long term potential clients. If you aren't using real estate related software, make this a priority to get it set up. My favorite these days is called Contactually, (get a 30 day free trial at https://www.contactually.com/invite/joeann)

If you ever want an "escape" from real estate, your database is one of the most important components of what you have to "sell" or negotiate with.

Make sure you also filter your Facebook friends so you can stay in closer contact with the most important and not have the “noise” drown them out.

3. Your Rolodex -- As you segment your databases, this is part of the process. Take out of there the jerks. Life is definitely too short to work with people who treat you miserably. You don't need them.

4. Your Systems — Developing systems to automate your business is a critical time effectiveness element. Review what you have. Make time on the calendar to create anything you are missing. What systems need fine tuning? What needs to be developed? How can you use what you already have to bring this to a higher standard?

5. Your Bad Habits -- What gets in the way of you doing your best? Do you procrastinate? Refuse to delegate? Let the clutter and piles render you time challenged? Make a list of the habits to zap this year and then take 1 each month and upgrade the way you operate. For instance, in March, do not let a piece of paper cross your desk without filing, tossing or taking action on. You will find if you are consistent in being aware of the negative behavior and making a change, after about 3 weeks, you have formed a new habit. You could do that 13 times this year!!! I loved the book, “The Power Of Habits” by Charles Duhigg with his research on how to change a bad habit into a good habit by noticing what triggers the bad habit and substituting a new behavior.

6. Your Stuff -- Do you need a Feng Shui Consultant or Professional Organizer to come in and get you squared away? Clutter drains energy-literally makes you tired. Free up space! The natural way things work is that space attracts because nature abhors a vacuum.

If you have stuff you aren’t sure you can live without…pack it up and wait 6 months and if you haven’t needed anything in the box….let it go!

7. Your Attitude -- Thinking ... Take the storm windows down and put the screens up to let the fresh air in! What one belief, if you let go of it, would create the most joy in your life? One of my beliefs has always been that you have to work hard to be successful. That has had me put a lid on my vision and goals, because it looked like I would have to sacrifice other things I enjoyed to attain a really big goal. As I'd look around, I'd see others who are achieving BIG goals and the time they invest is not more than my investment into my business. This might ring true for you too. I’m glad to say in the last 15 years….I’ve learned to relax and let things happen and it’s been much more fun (and healthy!)

Where have you limited or put a lid on yourself because you believe something to be true that was, in reality, just one possible way of looking at it? Anywhere you find you are limited or stopped, examine the "rule" you have made up that keeps you in that place. Then play with it by thinking up five other possible "rules" that could pertain. Or look at what other's that are successful have as their "rules". Hint: ask them!

8. Your Desk -- If you can, change the way it faces or its location. Give yourself a fresh point of view! Or maybe buy a new desk!

9. Your Equipment -- Are you tolerating equipment that needs replacing or upgrading? Look at your budget and make a list of what and when you will replace the less efficient equipment you have. Even though this costs money, there may be savings of time or other resources to offset the investment. Or maybe, it is what will take you to the next level in your business by the differentiation it will provide. This would include a spring cleaning of your Internet marketing and web site.

10. Your Clientele -- Do you have listings that are costing you money and never going to sell? Or buyers who are true lookey-loos? One of the reasons top producers are successful is because they don't try to take every peiece of business available but skim the cream. If you are busy trying to keep that nasty seller happy or running around with the lookey-loos, you don't have time to prospect or work with the nicest people. Let go of the "bad" ones! If nothing else, you'll stop the abuse and feel better about yourself. You do not have to put up with people who do not respect what you do.

Now, print out and review this list. Make notes of which three areas (Joeann’s Rule of Three!) would make the most difference for your business and situation. Now, put actions on the calendar to take care of these 3 this month. Then watch the attraction principle go to work for you.

Accountability and Fun - Are you Ready To Play?


I am excited to be offering a game in April
to help you do just that!

Every day for 3 weeks, there will be a motivating 15-minute morning call, a list of activities from which you can choose to generate points, accountability and brainstorming and there will be a winner ( the person with the most points!).

The game begins on: April 7, 2014
7:15 AM AZ & PST, 8:15 AM MST, 9:15 CST, 10:15 EST

We'll be using Evernote to track progress, record sessions and share daily tips, (don’t worry if you don't use Evernote — you'll learn what you need, just by playing!)

Here’s some feedback from the last game:

Shirley Rupp: "Made me more aware of how I spend my time, where I needed to focus and prioritize. Very good to hear other's ideas and how they handle challenges!"

Laurie Sonnenfeld: "An enthusiastic boost to my day and my productivity!"

Yvonne Coelet: "This game opened my eyes to what I needed to do during my workday in order to be the most productive!”

And the best news is... the cost is only $49! (Or about $2.33 a call - less than a drink at Starbucks!)

Registration is limited to the first 25 participants!

--> Register here! <—

EVERNOTE TIP For Paperless Taxes!

Make this the year you go paperless, starting with digitizing your tax prep docs. Try these simple steps to create a streamlined process in Evernote.

Create a notebook for tax documents

Year round, scan all of your tax related documents - from pay stubs to receipts - into a designated Evernote notebook. By tax time, all of your documents will be in one place.

Tag your notes with key phrases

Searching in Evernote is even faster when you use tags. Add tags such as 'moving expenses' or 'charitable donations' to help you instantly find the document you're seeking.

Share the notebook

When you're ready to file your taxes, share the notebook with your tax preparer.

GoodLife FREE Webinar on Facebook Marketing

We do have a webinar coming up on Thursday -
it's on Advanced Facebook Marketing.

THIS THURSDAY!!! March 13, 2014
Time: 12 PM EDT (11 AM CDT; 10 AM MDT; 9 AM AZ & PDT)

Our customers are social… in fact, about 3 in 4 internet users is on social media. And Facebook is the largest, single most used social media site out there. But most of us are using Facebook wrong!

Recently Facebook made BIG changes to what get’s shared in people’s Newsfeeds… as a result, very little of what you share gets seen by your database. We’ve all been taught to post valuable information and engage our clients - but that’s no longer enough!

The real missed opportunity though, is that Facebook can quickly grow your business… for cents on the dollar. But you have to know what you’re doing!

Which why The Paperless Agent is hosting a live training this Thursday, so you can dive deeper into using Facebook to build up your database, engage your clients, and grow your business.

Here are just some of the things we’re going to cover in this online training:

  • 5-Step framework to grow your Digital Sphere of Influence.
  • Low-cost method to expand your database using Facebook Ads.
  • How to get more of your Facebook posts seen by your database.

This training is based on PROVEN tactics used by one of the most innovative brokerages in the country. It will be a LIVE 90-MINUTE training session, please do not register if you can’t attend for the full session.

This is the FIRST TIME we’re doing any training on this topic and anticipate this webinar to be 100% full.

There will NOT be a recording of this training session available, so register now and show up 5 - 10 minutes early!

Borrowed Wisdom

"You reap what you sow." ~ Cicero

“In the universe there is an unmeasurable, indescribable force which sorcerers call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link." ~ Carlos Castaneda

"The scariest moment is always just before you start." ~ Stephen King

Have a magnificent month… it is up to YOU!!!!!

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