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Joeann's Tuesday Tips
September 27, 2016

What I am Thinking about:

These days, the distinctions between “living life like a vacation”, “retiring” and "just living in the moment”, seem to blur!

I am celebrating this glorious, abundant life every single day with appreciation and joy. I hope this is what you have in your world too!!!!

I have a few ideas/resources today that have made me happy. I hope they will do the same for you!

How I stay Grounded and Calm:

Getting started with meditation

I meditate every morning and notice things just don’t throw me into panic any more. It’s taken a very long time for me to be disciplined enough to create this habit, but soon worth it. If you have never meditated or have struggled with doing it right… this interview with Deepak Chopra is for you. He makes it simple… Just do it!

Time: 7:06

What I am perfecting!

How Your Thoughts Can Become Things

One of my favorite teachers, Mike Dooley, has put together a free 3-part series on manifesting what you really want. I went to Tahiti with Mike a few years ago, and spending that week with him changed me. For one thing, his wisdom allowed me to relax and let go of the “cursed hows” while allowing the Universe to provide the path to what I wanted. Really good stuff here and worth the time to listen!

Time: 3 separate videos about 20 min each

What I am doing for Retirement:

Purchasing property in a self-directed IRA

After watching one of my son’s investors pocket over $100,000 tax-free in one year because it was in a Roth Self-directed IRA, I became a believer. I like the idea that, as real estate agents, we know the market and can therefore, pretty much legally, indulge in insider trading! I’ve set up mine, diversifying my retirement from all stock market holdings. Shouldn’t you help your clients know about this? And/or set yourself up? This gives this basics!

Time: 5.5 minutes

Make it ExtraOrdinary! It IS up to You!

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