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Joeann's Tuesday Tips
August 12, 2014

Welcome to the New Tuesday Tips…. Inspired by theSkimm. I have reformatted the topics and content to make this a fast (and hopefully valuable read!) Would love to hear your feedback about any ways it can be even more useful to you!

What borrowed wisdom is worth thinking about?
What’s the bottom line?
What’s free this month?
What buzz was overheard this month?
What Techie Tip do You need?
Joeann’s Tips on being more focused and full of joy
What’s going on with Joeann?

What borrowed wisdom is worth thinking about?

“A breakthrough happens when you finally make the decision not to settle for anything less than what you deserve. It is when the impossible becomes possible. It is when you become free of what has held you back from becoming your highest potential.” - Evelyn Lim

What’s the bottom line?

Bottom Line about Surprises
They can either make or break our business!

Good Surprises
You’ve heard you should under promise and over deliver, but most people, in a effort to impress, promise way too much upfront. A recent study showed people were more satisfied if their expectations weren’t extremely high, but, rather, moderate and then were pleasantly surprised! Here are some amazing examples! How can you raise the bar and create more surprises?

Bad Surprises
Failure to educate and discuss how the process of doing business with you works often results in a client’s thwarted expectations and disappointment. Worse, a bad surprise can lead a client to think you aren’t a great business person. After all, you do this every day and should know the potholes or caution flags! By “awfulizing” all the things that could go wrong, you set the client up to know where there could be challenges and they can be more prepared when something does go sideways! While you can’t always avoid bad surprises, you can do damage control for most ahead of time!

What’s free this month?

I just love theSkimm
A free, morning e-newsletter that filters what’s important for anyone short on time! They read! You Skimm! They cross party and subject lines to break down what it seems everyone else is talking about, so you’ll be in the know.

theSkimm is not just another email. It’s about choosing to make your mornings better by being informed in a way that fits into your routine. Even before your first cup of coffee. Go sign up now!

What buzz was overheard this month?

At Inman Connect in SF, we heard 2 panels: one of recent sellers and another of recent buyers moderated by Hear it Direct!

Sadly, communication still seems to be a major complaint. My good friend Ira Serkes called it “Fear it Direct!” We heard blunt assessments of their experiences and what kind of service & value they received (or didn’t) : Their agents didn’t respond quickly enough. They didn’t communicate in the right way (called instead of texted; texted instead of emailing). They didn’t educate them so that the expectations and process were explained.

Joeann’s Tips on what should you be doing…...

  • Your first question in working with someone should be, “How do you want to be communicated to?”
  • Check your systems for your ability to respond within 5 minutes. Upgrade if necessary.
  • How do you explain the process, the possible problems or challenges?
  • Asking for feedback and testimonials after every transaction.
What Techie Tip do You need?

What do Profiles have to do with it????
Ratings and rankings are becoming more and more important to the trust an online client gives you before you know them. They WILL Google you!

Joeann’s Tips for what you should you be doing…...

  • Have you Googled yourself lately?
  • This month, check all the online platforms and make sure you have good solid profiles with links to your website and information about you.
  • Take a look at the number of testimonials or recommendations you have on each. Build these.
    • Ask clients you have already given you testimonials, if they will recommend you on LinkedIn.
    • Ask each client on closing for a video testimonial or a couple of sentences you can use
    • Recommend others- especially other trades people! Hopefully they will recommend you back!
Joeann’s Tips on being more focused and full of joy

What can I do to be more focused and full of joy?

  • Decide each day/week/month what you are NOT going to take action on. By limiting the number of open projects and tasks, your focus is better and the feeling of having enough time is increased.
  • Let go of the things that don’t make your heart sing!
  • Decide each week for each of your current projects, what is the NEXT step.
  • Keep your open projects on a written project list (Evernote is great for this!)

What’s going on with Joeann?

Upcoming Classes and Presentations…..

August 14, 9 AM - Sierra Vista “Are Your Ads Legal?” 3 CE Commissioner’s Standards

August 14, 1:30 PM - Sierra Vista Using RPR

August 28, 9 AM - DR Horton-Tucson “Winning The Real Estate Game.” 3 CE Agency

September 4, 9 AM - Maracay Homes-Tucson “Are Your Ads Legal?” 3 CE Comm’s Standard

September 12, 9 AM - Scottsdale Assn. GRI Transaction Technology

The sign up information is always available on the School Page and Calendar of my website!

Personal Coaching
I have two spots available if you are ready to take your business to the next level.
Email me for an application and to schedule a 30 minute, complimentary discovery session.

Have a magnificent month… it is up to YOU!!!!!

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