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What borrowed wisdom is worth thinking about?

“A breakthrough happens when you finally make the decision not to settle for anything less than what you deserve. It is when the impossible becomes possible. It is when you become free of what has held you back from becoming your highest potential.”

- Evelyn Lim

What’s the bottom line?

What’s There To Do Right Now about 2015?

I traditionally use this last week of the year to reflect. To see what worked, what didn’t, where I am. Often, we don’t see the progress we are making day to day, but looking back over 12 months, there usually is a significant shift (at least hopefully so!). Where were you 12 months ago? Where are you now? Where do you want to be next December?

What To Do To Make it Happen

[ ] Know what you want. Dream big…create a vision exciting enough to pull you into inspired action! Little goals rarely inspire.

[ ] Check your WHY? Is this goal aligned with your inner guidance system? With your most important values?

[ ] Identify RESOURCES. What is in place that will take you there? Where will the bottlenecks be? What do you need to add in terms of knowledge, people, systems?

[ ] Calendar (right now) that working on your business time as a recurring, weekly appointment that you will honor each week like it was a million dollar client (it is!).

[ ] Plan the personal foundation activities that will support you being the best you can be. (exercise, meditation,learning, etc.)

[ ] Put your vacation time and days off on the calendar for the whole year right now, even if you don’t know what you’ll do.

[ ] Put a support structure of people and situations in place to cheer you and brainstorm with you.

[ ] Then…… let go. Be patient and trust this will unfold perfectly. No self-discipline… no struggle. Know this will unfold and trust yourself to be open to the synchonicities, opportunities and surprises

What’s Your Word?

Every year I choose ONE word to be my focus point or theme.

For 2015, my word is WISDOM

What would be a good word for what you just created above, or what you want to focus on (thereby asking the Universe to supply it?)

Two Affordable Ways To Have Support

1. The Awesome Year Plan

If you’d like a template and guide to do this completely and effectively, yet simply and compellingly, I have revamped my Awesome Year Plan to help you do that!

The cost is the same ($15 for a single version or only $7 each if you order 5 or more). It’s a fillable PDF, so you can keep it on your smartphone or computer, or you can print it out and have the hardcopy to create on.

2. LAST CALL….. Only 10 Spots available

Want 2015 to be the year you are the best that you can be?

Are you ready?

The next group coaching opportunity will begin on January 12 at 1 PM ET (Noon Central, 11 AM MST, 10 AM PST & 8 AM Hawaii). Two monthly hour-long calls with the group and 1 personal 30-minute call each month. Structured monthly support, tools, focus and brainstorming. Plus a free copy of the Awesome Year Plan!

Only $149 a month with a complete money back satisfaction guarantee!

Complete information and registration here.

What’s free this month? Two, not just one!!!!!

The Simple Goal Worksheet:

You can use this one page worksheet to capture the results from the last 12 months and design what you want to create in 2015. Nice and simple!

My freebie this month

What Techie Tip do You need?

What Will You Need Next????

Technology can be so overwhelming if you think you need everything. The very best way to approach it is to decide what your next need is. What would give you the biggest advantage and payoff in terms of time and money? Is it a new smartphone? CRM System? Updated Website?

The question above about the resources you will need… a good question is if your business is operating at the level you envision for 2015, where will the bottlenecks be? Where do you know have in place what you will need to do that level of business? This often means upgrading or adding technology. What will it be for you?

Do it now, before the bottleneck happens.

Joeann’s Tips on being more focused and full of joy

Focusing On What You Are Saying

The Law of Attraction says you will attract what you are focusing on. Most people get sucked into complaining about what they don’t want, what isn’t working, what someone else has done to steal their joy. I love that phrase “steal your joy.” Just asking myself if whatever happened is worth having my joy stolen will usually shift my outrage/upset to a much better place… After, I am in charge of my reactions to the things that show up!

So, this month, here is your challenge:

Listen to what you say. If you hear yourself focusing on something you can’t change or don’t want…. stop it.

That’s all… just stop it!

And, speaking of "stop it”, if you haven’t seen this hilarious Bob Newhart YouTube video … it might spur some giggles & changes!!!!

A good way to start 2015!

What’s going on with Joeann?

Living a Great Life!

What wonderful holidays we had with two thirds of the kids and grandkids here in Tucson! We had, this year, 2 wonderful visits with our Connecticut family too! Family is definitely one of those values that is compelling to me. I am planning for even more in 2015.

While trips (adventure is another value I hold dear) to Bali and Sweden are potentials, and an upcoming trip to Hawaii for three weeks is certain, we plan to enjoy our paradise right here in Tucson in the coming year. Adding a spa, some solar upgrades and having parties and get togethers are some of the items I am creating for 2015.

I have decided to stop working… what that means is still in the process of being tweaked, but mostly it means letting go of the things that don’t make my heart sing.
My newsletter will no longer be a monthly item… although, I still intend to share resources, thoughts I think you’d like and opportunities I think you’ll find valuable.

As I have been refining what I want, my word being WISDOM for this year…. I have a bunch of other “W” words that have come forth as important…. women, wealth, writing, weaving, willing.

It should be a very fun year!!!

Mainly, every day in 2015 will be about being joyful and grateful.

Upcoming Classes and Presentations…..

January 30 - GRI Transaction Technology - Prescott Assn. of REALTORS

The sign up information is always available on the School Page and Calendar of my website.

I am excited that I have added some other instructors to my School and will be populating the calendar shortly with lots of CE opportunities!!! Stay tuned!

Personal & Group Coaching


Want 2015 to be the most incredible year ever?

The next group coaching opportunity will begin on January 12 at 1 PM ET (Noon Central, 11 AM MST, 10 AM PST & 8 AM Hawaii). Two monthly hour-long calls with the group and 1 personal 30-minute call each month. Plus a free copy of the Awesome Year Plan!

Complete information and registration here.


I presently have 1 personal coaching spot available if you are ready to take your business to the next level.

You can fill out an application here. If you qualify, we will set a complimentary 30 minute session for us to discuss your goals.

Have a magnificent month… it is up to YOU!!!!!

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