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What’s The Best (FREE) Summer Conference?

If you haven’t already signed up for the 2015 Agent Success Summit (click here to learn more), do it now, so you can listen in on July 10-12.

Agent Success Summit (click here to learn more).

I’m one of 21 speakers at the 3-day online training event for real estate agents. The summit is an online virtual training event you can attend from anywhere … your office … your home … anywhere you have your computer, phone, or mobile device.

It’s like a giant 3-day long real estate conference.

BUT … you don’t have to travel and pay for airfare, rental car, hotel room, and restaurant food. You can even stay home and watch in your pajamas. : )

The 21 top trainers, coaches, authors, speakers, and thought leaders will talk about how to get…

MORE Leads, MORE Clients, and MORE Closings.

Agent Success Summit (click here to learn more).

What Difference Can you Make?

The Amazing Tim Ferriss has been an inspiration to me. In 2010, his birthday wish was to raise money ($100,000) for schools! And he did it.

That inspired me to donate $1 for each birthday wish I got the next year and over the last 3 years (and many of you helped and supported this) have been able to send a donation to Mothers Fighting for Others!

So, this year, Tim turns 38 (oh my gosh...what he has accomplished in his young life amazes me!) and has a project to provide stand up desks to an entire elementary school! Kids spend too much time sitting and this is a model project! Read more here.

Can you make a difference today? Even $1 donation makes a difference! You can do that!

What Does An Entrepreneur Need?

My good friend, Coach Molly Gordon is running a Pay What You Choose sale of two of her best programs for solopreneurs who love their work but get aggravated or anxious about the business side.

Molly is an amazing coach who understand that a right-brained creative person often struggles with the realities of being a businessperson! She’s making a great offer that ends on July 6. So, if you could use some help with the business side… check this out!!! You won’t be disappointed!

What’s Going On in Tucson?

Well, summer has finally hit us full force with 105+ temperatures!

I am excited to be offering an Open House/ CE Class on Friday at a cool listing in Starr Pass. If you are in Tucson, come stay cool, get CE Credit and Wine & Cheese!

In July, I am teaching 3 great CE Classes, sponsored by awesome builders! Check out the Education Calendar for more info and registration!!!

What Should You Do For A Great 2nd Half of 2015?

The 1st Half of the year is ending. Are you on track?

Schedule a few hours in the next week or so to:

  • Look at 1st Half Results
  • Determine the 2nd Half Targets
  • Look at What IS Working and plan to do more of that in the 2nd Half
  • What tweaks to current strategies or new strategies do you need to insure success?
  • Time block the dollar productive activities
  • Schedule Rejuvenation Time (Days off or vacations)

Great business people are constantly making course corrections to bring them the results they intend. This time working “on” your business instead of “in” it, can put you where you want to be at year’s end!!!!

Here’s To That Rejuvenation Time!

I heading off to Hawaii with Granddaughter, Lily, Daughter, Dawn and hubby for the next 3 weeks! My time for brainstorming and rejuvenation!!!! I’ll send you a postcard!

Make it ExtraOrdinary! It IS up to You!

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