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Assessments For Success -- Tools to Increase Your Effectiveness

I am a certified distributor for the TTI DISC & PIAV Assessment products. These reports are designed to provide research based solutions to dramatically improve your communication, productivity and satisfaction.
You probably would not accept delivery of a new computer system - or even a used fax machine - that arrived without an "Instruction Manual" - so why would you hire a new Employee without one? These Assessments provide you with just that: an "Instruction Manual" to understand the behavior, values and "operating system" that drive behavior!

Managing for Success™ (DISC)
Developed by TTI Performance Systems LTD. of Scottsdale, AZ -- a pioneer in developing easy access to human resource development with research and products designed to uncover and enhance human potential, The Managing for Success software utilizes the very same DISC language system used, to date, by more than 3 million people in over 30 different countries in 12 different languages! DISC is not a measurement of "intelligence", but is a highly accurate and effective measure of human behavior - which part is "inherent" and which part is "learned"

The Style Analysis instrument is deceptively simple, asking respondents to choose what they are "most" and "least" like from 24 different boxes. Yet some 19,630 different graphs can be plotted from the 24 "most" words; and 19,680 different graphs from the "least" responses. For practical evaluation purposes, these are condensed into one of 384 different graphs -- hence, the very high "validity rate"! I am proud to be able to offer these user-friendly, yet powerful, assessment tools to my personal and business Coaching Clients, and others!

Values are the "why" of behavior.This report helps individuals scientifically understand the driving forces behind their decisions - and for this reason, should ALWAYS be included with your Assessment reports! 

It complements the DISC report by measuring the relative prominence of 6 basic interests or motives: theoretical, economic, aesthetic, social, political and regulatory values. No interviewer (no matter how experienced!) can accurately determine a candidate's values. 

Individual and/or group Tele-Coaching sessions for the purpose of furthering a client's understanding of all assessment results are available. Call for special assessment and coaching rates for teams or groups.

Communicating With Style Briefing: Includes a 90-minute coaching call using the DISC & PIAV personal reports (30+ pages). Call for pricing-the distributor does not allow this to be posted online.

You will learn:
  • Keys to unlock what motivates you 
  • To communicate more powerfully with every personality type 
  • How to use your natural motivators & strengths and know your soft spots 
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