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Joeann Fossland - Business Coach, Professional Speaker, Real Estate Trainer

What People Say... 

About Joeann's Philosophy

"To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart, and to sing it to them when they have forgotten." ~ Thomas Chandler

What People Are Saying... 

"Joeann Fossland is a life-changingly awesome coach. Not only is she a phenominal human being, she is a certified master coach. she knows what she is doing. She is real estate specific. She doesn't just help increase your business, however. She is a complete life coach. She has helped me elevate my game personally and professionally, and I adore her!!!!"
Cheryl Leighton Knowlton, Stringham Schools, Eagle Mountain, Utah
"Just wanted to give a BIG recommendation to Joeann - she helped change my life! I truly, truly love what I do for 'work'... it fits me perfectly and she was the one to help me focus and create this experience! Thanks Joeann!"
Paula Lajoie, Tucson, AZ
"All good things come from Joeann!"
Kim Sullivan, Pathway Home Realty Group, Newton Centre, MA
"I'm grateful I met Joeann when I began my career in real estate ... her business planning ideas have really contributed to my success over the years & her friendship is PRICELESS!"
Marilyn Urso, CRB,CRS,GRI,LTG,PMN,SRES, Long Island Village Realty

About Joeann's Coaching...

"Years ago I had a wonderful coach and she forced me (haha) to make a mission statement... 'Empowering myself and others using my creativity and intuitive wisdom.' This is the umbrella over my whole entire life — whether it's parenting, doing the laundry for my job, which is decorative painting — as long as I get to be creative and use my intuitive with them I'm always happy ...don't ask me to paint the whole house white.... My coach: Joeann Fossland"
Paula Lajoie, Tucson, AZ
"As a coach, you would be hard pressed to find one who gets better results, is more fun to work with and who is constantly adjusting with the market. I have thoroughly enjoyed each package of business coaching I have gotten with Joeann. She is a dynamic coach and I am a better real estate agent with her influence!"
Sylvie Johnson  - Keller Williams Arizona Living Realty
"Joeann has and will be a true friend, mentor and coach forever! It is well worth your time, effort and money to have her as one of YOUR best and true friends and coach!"
Marti Pattinson - serving all your referral needs to the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex

"I wish I could carry you around in my pocket, like a magic genie, and just rub the lamp whenever I need energy and inspiration. I've always marveled at how you go a zillion miles/hour in a normal week, but what a great boost you gave us all in class today, on the heels of your 9 days of bedridden pneumonia. You need to be patented and bottled!"
Barbara Thomson, Re/Max-Sedona

"I have been able to increase my income 30%, to create a job that I love, to create a passionate relationship, to purchase a new home and so much more by simply using Joeann as my coach and being willing to create a life I love!" 
Lauren Smith Klase, Stewart Title Agency, Arizona
"You are so good & always try to bring out the very best in people.Your coaching will enable others to reach higher goals and not lose the most important part, which is balance, in their lives. You accept people for who they are and what ever place they are in their lives, without being judgemental. You give people confidence in themselves to make decisions."
Alice Gardiner, Gardiner Real Estate, Sun City, TX

LinkedIn Recommendations...

“I've known Joeann for more than 20 years. In that time we've participated together in courses, and I have had the joy of her instruction in a GRI class. She's now my business coach and I can say that in a few short weeks my life has been and continues to be transformed in a very powerful way!” March 10, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
Denise McCreary
hired Joeann as a Real Estate Agent in 2009
“I am so thankful for the time i have worked with Joeann and had her as my coach. She inspired me to stay focused on my goal to be an international coach and now i am there. When i was discouraged she inspired me and kept me focused and on track. Now many years later i am living a life i love, travelling the world and have a business that inspires me and others. Joeann is an incredible coach you will love her.” August 29, 2008
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity
Karin Hanna
hired Joeann as a Career Coach in 2001, and hired Joeann more than once
“Joeann and I are both national speakers and work together sometimes. Notably Women's Council of REALTORS. As a professional she engages her audiences and speaks from experience and from the heart. As a coach she keeps people on track to accomplish goals. I have recently Hired Joeann as a business coach and am excited to get started. Always willing to share and recommend, Joeann will deliver what she promises.” November 28, 2007
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity
Amy Chorew, National Technology Speaker and Consultant, Better Homes & Gardens
worked directly with Joeann at Advantage Solutions Group
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Joeann Fossland, Advantage Solutions Group, LLC
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