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Awesome Year Plan

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The Awesome Year Plan

The Awesome Year Plan gives you unique worksheets to guide you to develop a vision and plan for an extraordinary year! It may be your perceptions that are limiting you, rather than your self-discipline. Instead of being limited by solely using a detailed action plan, you'll connect your strengths, passions and values into a powerful magnet for what you really, truly want. You'll identify what is REALLY important and be able to create your plan to honor your values, attract resources and opportunities, hit your targets and have a life you love!

You begin by researching and getting all your numbers from where you are right now...

Then you will be ready to create an AWESOME next 12 months!

The Awesome Year Plan is provided in downloadable PDF format so you can get started right away!

Single copy 5 or more copies Unlimited copies!
$15 $7 per copy One-time fee
of $97
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"This planning guide is better than the one I got from another coaching program 
I am paying $12,000 per year for!" 
~ Michal Ann Joyner, EverBank



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